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There are very many different projects in your home that may require you to do some plumbing and with the help of local plumbers in Lakewood. However, even though many of them require that you have a plumbing permit, most of them do not. It may be important for you to do your research so that you are able to find out which ones require you to have a permit and which ones do not. 

The local building department is where you are going to be able to get all the necessary information that you may need when you are thinking of getting a plumbing permit. 

They are going to have all the specifications that are going to be required when it comes to the fittings, design as well as the layout. You are also going to be able to find out from your local building department whether they usually issue permits to a homeowner or whether your licensed and certified plumber is the one who will have to apply for the permit and also be in a position to complete the work that is required to be done. 

Why it is necessary to have a permit

As you may already know, plumbing usually deals with two types of water namely wastewater and drinking water. Both of these types may affect the health of not only you but your family as well in many different ways. Your surrounding environment may also be affected which is why you need to ensure that you have the right plumbing system so as to ensure the safety of your family and the community as well. 

Permits are important since they are able to ensure that the project is been carried out following all the current building standards that have been put in place. The plumbing permit is also going to cover various aspects of the project. The angles and lengths of the plumbing that is going to be running should be specified as well as the type and size of plumbing that is going to be used also needs to be specified. The wastewater plumbing, the water supply, and the venting are also going to be covered in the permit.The fittings which may include the tees, elbows and the valves should be specified in the drawings that are going to be submitted to the local building department for review. Carrying out of inspectionsAfter applying for a plumbing permit, you need to undergo an inspection for you to be able to obtain the permit.

The visits are going to occur on three occasions including when the project is going to be completed. The schedule of the inspection is going to highly depend on the scope of your project and the building department is going to notify you on the scheduled date once you apply.